Typhoon Ondoy in Philippines (International: Ketsana)

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The wrath that Typhoon Ondoy has made its presence felt in the first six hours that it passed Metro Manila, the National Capital Region of the Philippines. With a rainfall equivalent to a month’s volume that has caused the worst flood in this country from 42 years ago.

This natural calamity has taught and shown us a lot of things.

  • Readiness – that we still need to learn how to be ready. Not just in the Filipino spirit but also in also in equipment that will aid us in getting information as a weapon for disaster. Another way is training people living in high risk areas (such as rivers, creeks, etc.) on drills and protocols in times of calamities.
  • The Philippines, with all its faults in terms of governance, still has the BAYANIHAN spirit.  It did not take days for people to mobilize volunteer groups.  Hours after the flooding, there were already volunteer groups and rescue operations despite continuous heavy rains.
  • This is a call of the wild.  We keep on talking about taking care of the environment and yet without having this call of nature, it has not been tangible.  There were relief operations in the provinces during storms too but when it happened in the metro, everybody were stunned.
  • In disasters, we are all equal.  Big or small house, it doesn’t matter.  The flood do not choose which property to churn under water.  What was important, as we’ve seen, is that our families are with us.

We only think of preventive measures after experiencing such tragedy.  Personally, I was thinking of all the taxes that I’ve paid all these years.  If only we are given the option to choose where to put in those money, those contributions to the government, those money from my own  sweat, blood, and tears then I will choose to put them in the modernization of getting the basic information for security, such as weather forecasting.  Yes, knowing the weather is a security measure and not juts having modern armed forces but also having the best forecasts for such an archipelago like the Philippines.

Internet savvy people are starting to monitor through satellite feeds the movement of another possible tropical depression that might hit in the next 2-3 days.  Let’s pray it won’t “rub salt to the wound.”

I am not posting pictures of the past, of those who suffered, there are a lot in the internet.  What I’d like to hope for is the rainbow that comes out after the rain.

For help and donations:

Tulong Bayan, Cubao needs clothes, salt and cooking oil in sachets: 0908-6579998, 0939-3633436, 9137122

McDonalds outlets, Papemelroti stores,

TXTPower accepts PayPal donations and Smart Money or G-Cash

PHILIPPINE NATIONAL RED CROSS needs now is funds, water, canned goods, and bedding (banigs, blankets, sheets, pillows)


Sagip Kapamilya accepts donations in cash or in-kind.

For donations in kind, you can drop them off at:
# 13 Examiner St. West Triangle, Quezon City
Warehouse tel. no: +632-413-2667

For cash or cheque donations, you may go to:
ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc.
Mother Ignacia Avenue corner E. Lopez St. Brgy. South Triangle, QC
Office tel. no: +632-411-4995 or +632-415-2272 loc 3765

or deposit to:

Account Number: 5630020111
Routing code: BNORPHMM
* For confirmation of donation, please fax (+632-411-0858) or email (sagip@abs-cbn.com) copy of transmittal slip with complete donor’s information.

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