A Lemax Christmas Village Collection

On December 5, 2009, in Collections, by mylifejoys

Some people say that Christmas is just for kids. That when we get older, we tend to look at it more as a consumerism mafia.  The glee of celebrating this global occasion seem to fade as the clock ticks to adulthood, unlike those of children’s who still believe in Santa Claus, flying reindeer, Christmas stockings, and elves . Apart from the real reason it is celebrated, the birth of Christ, another reason I personally associate with this season is giving, gratitude, and a celebration of the family. It is one of the busiest times when overseas Filipino workers (OFW) plan to come home and be with their loved ones.

With the level of enthusiasm dwindling down for me, I tried seeking for ways to revive the excitement beyond green wreathes, red poinsettias, and glittery lights. So here, I was opened to a new level of joy with the Lemax Christmas Village Collection.

Christmas in the Philippines starts on September 1. Yeah, really… so don’t be so surprised if you’d hear Christmas songs over the radio :-)

I was excited to see the collections in Kaluxe (located at 2nd Floor of Robinson’s Forums in Pioneer, Edsa) that I wanted a whole village already. So I was able to contain myself and had it slow… For my first piece, here it is, The Olde Theatre. This is part of the Caddington Village Collection in the lighted category.

Lemax also has other themes such as Spooky Town (halloween), Harvest Crossing, Carnival, Plymouth Corners (seaside), Santa’s Wonderland (christmas), Vail Village, General Products (trees, bridges, etc.), and lot more other Christmas village collections.

There are other similar items in the market but what made me choose Lemax are basically the attention to details  and quality of materials.  The craftsmanship was evidently professional and done with much talent and art combined with the science of production.  My friend, who has a whole lot of villages, yes a lot and I mean a LOT, so maybe we can call that a state already. How I wish that for the next years, my single house will be a village then a state too :-)

** Lemax items are also available in SM Department stores.

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39 Responses to “A Lemax Christmas Village Collection”

  1. We Chinese also celebrate Christmas day, especially the youth

  2. Malou says:

    Hi there! It’s hard to find Pinoys collecting Lemax online and I’m glad I found your post by accident. I’ve been collecting Lemax since 2004 when Kaluxe introduced it here at SM. The first 2 years, I’d by them at SM, but discovered they are 2x the cost here so I buy them online and have them delivered at my brother’s house in the US (of course, he pays for the shipping to send it here:) ) Now, I have more than 60 buildings plus figurines, accessories and table accents. One of my faves, besides the buildings, are the horse-drawn carriages. I keep a catalogue of all the Lemax stuff I’ve bought. Yes, that’s how gaga I go over my ‘precious’ :). Should you wish to see my village, feel free to visit http://lemax.org/gallery_view.asp?user_id=411. Enjoy collecting!

  3. mylifejoys says:

    Hi Malou, it’s glad to know of such a passionate collector. 60!!! that’s simply WOW. You may also check out Kaluxe in Robinson’s Pioneer, when they have promos/sale they text collectors listed in their guest book :-)

  4. debbie says:

    Hey fellow Lemax collectors! It’s really nice to know people who share the same interest as me. I really go “gaga” with anything connected to Christmas. I have my Christmas Village Collection for around seven or eight years now. It’s very addicting. I started with the limited edition of Thomas Kinkade and eventually discovered Lemax. I stopped counting the number of items I have in my collection but I take pictures of the set-up every season.

    Half of my collection were bought for me by a friend in the United States and half I bought at SM and Kaluxe. The ones at SM are also from Kaluxe.

    mylifejoys, I’m sure your village collection will continue to grow and eventually become a state.

    Malou, some of our pieces are the same.

  5. Malou says:

    you guys may want to check out lemax addicts on fb. we can discuss further our love for lemax there :)

  6. gigi vitriolo says:

    Hello, I saw your post by accident and I was drawn to it because I also have a christmas village with about 28 houses/buildings. Not everything is Lemax, though.

    I started with 6 lighted houses/buildings when I bought the pieces of a friend who was then migrating to the US (2005). From there, the collection slowly grew in number.

    I just love it when they are arranged, together with some accessories like lamp posts, miniature christmas trees, people, etc. Some of my accessories, however, have been broken because my cat, Queety, just loves to play with them (ouch ouch).

    I am just starting to bring them out again. I’ll try to send you pictures when the village is already in place.

    By the way, you may want to check out this wonderful gift shop named MY BREATHING SPACE (MBS) in Cubao Expo (formerly Marikina Shoe Expo) at the Araneta Center. They have very beautiful store displays all year round. By Christmas season, they sell beautiful christmas houses/buildings. I got my moving and lighted windmill and a few buildings from them. In fact, everything in their shop is lovely, from the snow globes, tea pots, cat corner, etc., etc.

    The owners of MBS, Gener and Gard, have become good friends just by visiting their store for the past three years. They are very gracious to customers. I suggest you check out their store. You will also see Bellini’s restaurant, art galleries, thrift shops and a variety of shoe stores.

  7. mylifejoys says:

    wow thanks for this wealth of information, I’ll definitely check out MBS in Cubao expo :)

  8. gigi vitriolo says:

    You won’t regret it, I swear.

    I visited MBS last Thursday (Nov 4) and it so happens that Korina Sanchez’ staff were there for a shoot. I was told that MBS will be featured in Korina’s show by 1st week of December.

    Most of the Christmas houses were purchased already but they still have some houses and Christmas items there.

    You will fall in love with the store, the way I was hooked for 3 years ago.

  9. gigi vitriolo says:

    … the way I was hooked * 3 years ago.

  10. mylifejoys says:

    @gigi vitriolo I went to MBS. You were right the place is just awesome. They have lots of snow globes and not much houses, they said since they opened the Christmas stuff in August, a lot had been sold already.

  11. mel aguilar says:

    hi guys, it will be our pleasure to feature your collection in our morning show (ABSCBN’S UMAGANG KAYGANDA) to further boost the Christmas spirit of our viewers. hope you’ll be interested =) please email me (emelaguilar@hotmail.com/ emeldific_05@yahoo.com). i hope we could have you with ms. gigi, ms.malou and ms. debbie. thanks!

  12. mylifejoys says:

    i’m just starting out, i guess the true blue collectors will be the best resource. maybe i’ll volunteer in the next 3 years or so hehehe.
    Come on, ladies, bring out the christmas stuff to inspire millions of viewers. I personally know that Debbie’s collection (and passion) inspired me to start up too.

  13. debbie says:

    I am very curious about MBS.

    My Christmas Village Collection is private but I am willing to share some pictures with you, my fellow collectors. How do I post pictures here?

  14. bianca says:

    @mylifejoys i have been reading your blog lately, I am so pleased with it. I recently bought the old village theater as well. I really had a hard time looking for it as it’s really unique!
    @gigivitriolo I went to my breathingspace also, it’s a super nice place and I was able ti buy a lighted building.
    I hope my colllection will grow in number as well. Do you know any people who makes the stands for the lemax? I don’t know how…haha! All my lemax are still kept in their boxes

  15. mylifejoys says:

    @Debbie, you cannot upload a picture but you can share a link if you have it in flickr, picassa, any photosharing site :) If you want I can feature it in a single dedicated post :) with you as the author… kumbaga e guest blogger hehe.

    @Bianca, thanks for visiting my blog, I have blogger friends who influenced me to blog eventhough am not a writer per se hehe… makuwento lang talaga.

    Mahilig ba kayo sa steaks? Will be posting steaks- WAGYU – within the weekend… aside from the Christmas stuff, this is not THE season if there are no mouthwatering delights hehe.

  16. gigi vitriolo says:

    Hi ms. mel aguilar, thanks for taking an interest in our christmas village collection. The one who has the best collection worthy to be featured in a TV show is ms. malou villanueva. I saw her gallery in lemax addicts facebook account. Awesome!!! You can also view her collection thru the link she stated in her first post above.

    I am still in the process of setting up my small village of 28 houses.

  17. gigi vitriolo says:

    Ms. Mel, I have not seen Ms. Debbie’s village but I’m sure it is awesome as well.

    Ms. Debbie, I’m excited to view your village.

    Ms. Bianca, I’m glad you like MBS. We have to visit them around september next year.

  18. Malou says:

    @mylifejoys, I like your idea of photo sharing our xmas village. I’d love to see other collectors’ village, like @Debbie’s, @Gigi’s and @Bianca’s. This is exciting!
    @Debbie, I post my photos on lemax addicts on FB and lemax.org, then just share the link.

  19. Malou says:

    @Bianca, would you be asking about making platforms? Kindly check the link I provided above and look at some of the platforms I made. If it’s what you want to make, let me know and I’ll teach you how to create one.

  20. bianca says:

    @miss malou! Yes something like that! it’s super nice! I’m going to move out early next year kasi so all my lemax collection are in their boxes pa. Thanks for the offer! How do you do it? Please teach me .Is it hard? ! I’m studying pa kasi so if it’s super hard, baka i wont have time to do it pero I have 60 plus na rin! I’m addicted to it! I like your buildings! they’re all sooo big! I want to try shipping rin =)

  21. Malou says:

    @bianca, mahabang kwentuhan, haha. Do you mind posting your query on one of my photos on FB (lemax addicts) then I’ll reply there instead? Dyahe if I take up too much space here :D It’s not easy to own 60 bldgs, isn’t it? But yes, it’s V-E-R-Y addicting! In fact, I haven’t been very happy for the past 2 xmases since I could no longer display all my bldgs in one village due to lack of space :( Hopefully next year. The platforms aren’t difficult to make, but it does take up a lot of time – a day or 2 depending on the size of the platform. Will wait for your post on FB.
    @gigi, can I tag along sept next year? :D I’m from Muntinlupa so I don’t think I can drag my hubby all the way to Cubao. Maybe I can just take the MRT from mkti to cubao.

  22. EJ Tudtud says:

    Hi! My family has a christmas village collection too and they are over 30 houses already.However, what I’m really concerned of is where to purchase miniature Trees,bushes and plants to decorate the place’s surroundings> Can someone suggest where to buy them esp. in the Philipines?or if not what website so i can buy them thru the internet?

  23. mylifejoys says:

    Hi EJ, Kaluxe sells Lemax Christmas village as well as miniature decors. They have a store in Robinson’s Pioneer in Edsa. They also have them in SM department storess. In Megamall, they sell them usually after Halloween. In Cubao expo, look for MBS store, which offers snow globes, it is also an all year round Christmas store.

  24. debbie says:

    Hi EJ! I bought some trees a few years ago at Kaluxe. If I am not mistaken. they are no longer in Robinson’s Pioneer. You can contact them thru CP # 09178928179. They give me occasional text updates.

    You can also use small pine trees sold with the other christmas decors in department stores or specialty shops. Your last recourse is to dismantle an old garland. Make the tips pointed like pine trees. Arrange them at least by 3′s to make them bushy. My artist use them especially on the mountainsides. Actually any greens will do. Just use your creativity. I hope this can help.

    Will be setting up my christmas village this season within the week.

  25. Kitin says:

    Hi, i was planning on visiting Robinson’s Pioneer this week but as Debbie said, Kaluxe is not there anymore..
    I have the same concern as EJ and I’m also looking for miniature trees and miniature Christmas lights..
    I will try texting the number provided.. but any idea where other Kaluxe branches are? thanks

  26. Kitin says:

    I just texted the cell number provided and they gave me a landline number.. they said that cell number is no longer used by Kaluxe. Apparently, Kaluxe is still in Robinson’s Pioneer. :) yey

  27. debbie says:

    I received a text from Kaluxe that starting yesterday until November 25, 2011, they are giving big discounts on all Lemax Village collection items in their showroom. For further info, you may call them at 02-6870982.

  28. [...] A Lemax Christmas Village Collection [...]

  29. cha says:

    Hi, Debbie. Im Charo from GMA News TV. We are looking for a house na may kakaibang Christmas decorations. Baka pwede naming mai – feature yung house mo with your collections. You may contact me at my email address. Please leave your contact number so I can call you. Thank you.


  30. Malou says:

    Hello everyone, it’s the time of the year again. HI Debbie, enjoyed the pics of your 2011 Christmas Village :) I wish I could share mine too, but home renovation is preventing me from setting up my village. Definitely, next year. So thanks for posting your village photos!
    To Gigi, hello there! Any photos of your village? Love to see them.

  31. mylifejoys says:

    Hi Everyone! There is a post about Christmas village collection contributed by Debbie… you might be interested to read… here’s the link:


  32. debbie says:

    Hello Cha! I’m sorry but my collection is private. The most that I can share are those in my blog contribution. Besides, I am not from Metro Manila.

    Malou, you’re welcome.

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  34. Malou says:

    Hello there again! It’s already my tradition to come visit your blog every christmas season. This year, I’m excited to inform you that I have finally put up, completely, my christmas village. The last time was back it 2008, and due to lack of space (as my collection keeps growing every year), I could only set-up just a few buildings. I’m grinning from ear to ear now that I am enjoying looking at them, which is why I am sharing the photos and videos to you and to those interested. You can view the photos at lemax.org or visit my FB page, just look for Malou Galola-Villanueva and do a friend request. You can view on my page the video as well. I’ve also posted the video on youtube, but it doesn’t always come out when searched, which I find very odd. Although I am working on it right now. I do hope you enjoy. Pardon my giddiness, I’m like a kid when I see and talk about christmas villages :D Enjoy the hoildays and “may the spirit of christmas be always in our hearts!”

  35. chel says:

    Hi Sir/Ma’am,

    Lemax collectibles available on our sulit store. Kindly visit vonchel for pictures.

  36. Luisa says:

    As much as i wanted to collect more buildings i dont have space :( i just started last week to collect i got 19bldgs only :( i want more :(

  37. Andy Matula says:

    Hello…I am Andy same with guys I am Andiks with xmas village collections I have been collecting since 2008…I want to share and get some ideas from you guys thanks

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