Mer-Nel’s Chocolate Cake

On January 31, 2010, in Categories, by mylifejoys

When you hear “Mer-Nel’s” the first thing that will come into mind is the famous heart-shaped chocolate cake. University of the Philippines – Los Banos (UPLB) students will surely recognize this aside from the oblation in the entrance of this institution. A cake house located in Anos, Los Banos, Laguna, Mer-Nels will truly eclipse other cakes when it comes to the standard of sweet-loving Pinoys.

From a cake house in Lopez, they now have branches is Olivarez Plaza and South Super Market. I will admit that it came to my interest to get a franchise of Mer-Nels and put one in Metro Manila but I heard that the owners do not accept this arrangement yet. At the back of my mind, sometimes it’s still better for these businesses to remain with the original owners. Some of the products or establishments I used to love lost their magic when big companies took over and mass produce their once, or used to be, special products.

Mer-Nel’s Cakehouse and Catering Services

10438 Lopez Ave., Los Banos, Laguna

telephone number: +63 (49) 536-1145


contact: Beth Guico (Marketing Manager)

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27 Responses to “Mer-Nel’s Chocolate Cake”

  1. gloria obias says:

    Hi! I’m a cake lover and i just want to know if your open for franchisee here
    in calamba? pls give me some details and info,s as well as the fees. thanks and please reply thru my email address.

  2. mylifejoys says:

    hi gloria, i’m in no way connected to mer-nel’s pls contact them directly from the contact details in this blog or you may check the contact details in their website:

  3. gigi vitriolo says:

    Hello, may I also recommend Ms. Polly’s Chocolate Cake. It used to be sold only at Shell Select in Magallanes Village. I read that Ms. Polly’s cakes recently opened at the 4th Floor of Robinson’s Galleria. I have not been there, though.

    Please check out Ms. Polly’s super moist Chocolate Cake. Since I have not tried Mer-Nel’s choco cake as I don’t really go to the south, perhaps you can advise us how the two cakes are similar/different from each other.


  4. ybeth says:

    hi! can you please help me on how to franchise mer-nels cake. please send your reply through my email add. tnx!!!

  5. Leslie says:

    My mom loves this cake… just the right kind of chocolatey-sweet.

  6. mek says:

    sarap ng cake nila at mura…
    unang order namin dyan during my panganay 1st bday.. now sa bunso ko naman this feb 26th

  7. joeyton says:

    hi! i would like to ask if your open for franchise? pls rply on my email add,,, thank you!!

  8. Chiela Soto says:

    do you have mer-nels here in Manila?

  9. mylifejoys says:

    Last I checked they have no branch in Metro Manila.

  10. mer says:

    As of this writing, there are more than a hundred who expressed their interest in franchising MerNel’s. However, the Balicao couple still want to strengthen the foundation of their love-inspired cake house venture before getting into franchising. they have a branch in SM calamba

  11. Gerald says:

    2 months ago while I am having a vacation in my gran’s home, my aunt brought home a box of Mer-Nel’s chocolate cake. And boy did I like it! I almost consumed half of the cake in just a short time. Your cake balances out the sweetness. The cake and the icing, when combined, makes a cake that tastes awesome! Good work guys! Keep it up!

    *drools on chocolate cake*

  12. jen says:

    Your cake is excellently better than those commercial cakes! I hope you can have new branches in manila and muntinlupa!

  13. Vanity says:

    hi! can i ask if your open for franchise? please reply on my email…thanks

  14. Van says:

    hi! can i ask if your on for franchise please email on this email…thanks

  15. MAIDA VICOTRIA says:

    is their any branches located in Manila or alabang? i really love your cakes

  16. Donna Mendoza says:

    Are you open for franchise? Please reply or email me. thanks

  17. Donna Mendoza says:

    are you open for franchise?

  18. irene ribano says:

    hi,,,just wanna ask if youre open for branch out even a small stalls, just like some bakeshops, pls reply or email me, thanks in advance

  19. jessica briones says:


    It’s my mom’s birthday this Sunday, April 15. I just want to know if your open on Sundays? Please reply to me ASAP



  20. yen says:

    i hope soon you will be open for franchise……

  21. zhel says:

    THE BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!thas all i can say mernels..

  22. JOHN CASTILLO says:

    magkano po franchise store nyo?

  23. arian andrade says:

    wow i love this cake also ung nag 7TH bday niece ko mejo mahal big cake ang cupcakes worth it tlaga binayad namen unlike sa goldilucks maganda designs pero d ganun kaworth it

  24. dawn castillo says:

    hi mam i just want to inquire if you are open na po for franchising?
    Batangas po ang location namin, my brother works in laguna kaya po natitikman namin cakes nyo and it is very delicious.. tnx

  25. Hi mam nais ko lamang pong malaman kong my franchising na po kayo nais ko sanang magtayo at kayo po ang napili ko dito lamang po ako s laguna salamat po god bless you po

  26. LIBRADA says:

    tanong ko lang po kung open po kayo sa franchising taga d2 po ako sa cabuyao laguna kc po ang sarap ng cake nyo kaya naisipan ko na mag franchise sa inyo..tnx po….

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