Pinoy Street Food: “Adidas”, Isaw, and Balut

On June 15, 2011, in Categories, by mylifejoys

Every-juan in the Philippines knows that finding these Pinoy Street foods is as easy as looking for a Starbucks branch in the Metro. In short, they are seen everywhere, in almost every street. There are so many Pinoy street foods but these three tops my list: Adidas - aside from being a shoe brand, is the popular street food chicken feet (Filipino translation: paa (feet) ng manok (chicken)). I really don’t know how these feet got the name of Adidas because when I was born, it was already called that way :) Best dipped in spiced vinegar, this is a popular “pulutan” among social drinkers. Whether the liquor is the national favorite, gin or lambanog to the more urbane brands of beer or wine… Pale pilsen, light, strong… name it, the chicken feet is just there, beer and all… beside the “isang platitong mani” (one small plate of peanuts).

Isaw – these are cleaned chicken intestines. Doesn’t really play second fiddle to chicken feet, but some people are not just into eating animals’ internal organs. But before anyone judges this spaghetti looking street food, might as well try it first and who knows, maybe you’ll like it.

Balut or Balot – I heard people call it “duck embryo” or “fertilized duck egg”, whichever you prefer, just call it balut. ?It’s shorter anyway hehe. For some reason most foreigners are being dared to eat this ala “Fear Factor.” ??Balut is known as an aphrodisiac and is very high in protein and cholesterol. Oldies whould claim that people with hypertension should take this in moderation.

For those that are not comfortable eating or do not know how to eat this, I have some tips for you. All you need are three steps. Step 1: Knock it on a hard surface to open the egg, drink the broth Step 2: Put some salt or vinegar to eat the “pula” and the chick. Actual color is yellow because this is the yolk even if called pula which means “red.” Step 3: Close your eyes and just swallow. Then that’s it. Hahaha. Why close your eyes? Seeing the chick’s body parts might make you think twice to finish it. Specially when you see the eyes… the feet… hehe, just joking. The faster you swallow it, the better. The next time you see these foods in Philippine streets, might as well be brave to try them :)

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